myAutomate helping you save money and manage your car

The myAutomate app is designed to help new drivers, like you, navigate their way around many of the decisions involved with the everyday running of your car. With myAutomate, so much information is available in one place in an easy-to-use app. You can search for your nearest fuel station, car wash, parking spot, and electric vehicle charging point within the app. You can also check fuel prices – which are updated daily – so you can get the best deal for your money. What’s more, you can store all of your vehicle’s details in the myDriveway section, providing you with useful reminders about when your MOT, tax, service, and insurance are due. 

There are many benefits to downloading and using myAutomate, helping you make driving your first car simpler and cheaper. 


Save money on fuel 

With access to up-to-date fuel prices in myAutomate, you can save money by quickly comparing the cost of fuel and choosing to go to the best fuel station to buy fuel. Earlier this year, a myAutomate survey found that price variations between the highest and lowest prices in some areas were as high as 13p per litre for both Unleaded and Diesel. This makes a significant difference in your budget, especially when it is spread over time.

More information on local fuel stations, car parks and car washes 

myAutomate enables you to find out when your local fuel station is open, whether it has a shop or car wash and whether you can top up the air in your tyres or make sure you have water in your screen wash. Our car park data shows pricing and opening times, as well as how you can pay for your parking, including which of the many apps you can use. 

Transition to electric 

Within the next few years, the transition away from fossil fuel to electric cars will gather pace. You can find out details of where your local public charge points are located and whether your local area is keeping pace with ensuring facilities will cope with the road to zero emissions for vehicles.  

Manage your car 

In the myDriveway section of the app, you can store dates for your MOT, tax, service and insurance, and set reminders to ensure you don’t miss them. Having this information in one place means that you won’t receive fines for driving without up-to-date insurance, MOT and tax.  

All this information in one place 

myAutomate is the only app with all this information in one place, ensuring you can make running your car simpler, easier and cheaper. 

Future developments 

Over the next few months, the app will introduce offers from our partners and participating retailers. We will also add information on car maintenance locations, making myAutomate even more helpful for running your car. 

Download our free app, and you can access essential, up-to-date information for new drivers, all in one place 

Find out more about myAutomate at and download it for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store 

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