Gap insurance

Is GAP insurance worth it?

Is GAP insurance worth it? Find out about policies that cover the difference between the car's insurance value and what you paid for it.
Car Insurance

First car insurance: finding affordable cover for your first car

First car insurance always hits new drivers hard. But affordable cover is out there, and FirstCar is going to help you find it.
Black box insurance

How does black box insurance work?

For careful new drivers, black box insurance means fairer, lower premiums and a big incentive to drive more safely. So, how does black box insurance work?
Learner Insurance maximising

Learner driver insurance rules: how to make the most of your policy

Life is full of rules. Some you can bend, some you can break. But when it comes to learner driver insurance rules, it pays to stick to them.

Is it better to have learner driver insurance or be a named driver?

When you are learning to drive, you need to be insured. Here's how to decide if learner driver insurance or being a named driver is right for you.

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Caitlin’s message: rural roads, real danger

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UK seatbelt law: the truth about wearing a seatbelt while driving

The humble seatbelt is probably the most important safety device in your car. Using one when you drive means you stay the right side of UK seatbelt law.

Using a mobile phone while driving: how to stay safe

Using a mobile phone while driving is a big no-no. It's not safe, and if the phone is hand-held it's not legal. When you drive, just put the phone away.

Driving on ice and in bad weather: top tips to stay safe

Bad weather makes driving a whole lot trickier. Driving on ice or snow, dealing with fog, and coping with heavy wind and rain are all challenging.

Driving in France: how to prepare for driving abroad

Driving abroad brings a whole new set of challenges. If you have a holiday in Europe planned you'll need to know all about driving in France and beyond.