Ace your first or next test with Driving Test Ready!

There are tonnes of apps, books and videos that show you how to drive, but that isn’t the point of this app. We explain most common mistakes that make learners fail, so you don’t...
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FirstCar Theory Magazine

The theory test is a milestone to a lifetime of safe driving. Passing it will help you in your remaining driving lessons and your practical test. If you had good news today, congratulations. If you...
covid learners


The Covid-19 lockdown has taken its toll on everyone, as has the pandemic itself. InsureLearnerDriver asked over 5,000 learner drivers in May 2021 to share with us their experience from the impact of Covid-19,...
how to apply for a provisional licence

How to Apply for a Provisional Licence

When you turn 17, you can now drive on the road. But the very first thing to do is to get your provisional license. You need to physically have the card before you can drive...
Choosing a driving instructor

How to Choose a Driving Instructor

We all have different personalities and learning styles and so finding an instructor that suits you can make a big impact on your learning experience. Getting this wrong can be frustrating and potentially waste...

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Caitlin’s message: rural roads, real danger

FirstCar has teamed up with the AA Charitable Trust to highlight the danger of rural roads. Did you know that 71% of fatal crashes involving...