Get the Honest Truth from your driving instructor

What is Honest Truth?

The Honest Truth is a straight-talking road safety campaign delivered by driving instructors during normal driving lessons. You may not know this, but poor driving skill is not the cause of most road traffic collisions – it’s actually more likely to be poor attitude or decision-making. Things like driving too fast, or too tired, showing off, or getting distracted by passengers.

The Honest Truth was started by members of the emergency services who believed that if all learner drivers were given 10 Truths about safe driving, they would be less likely to crash after passing their test. So, they started training and equipping driving instructors to blend the following Truths into their normal driving lessons:

  1. Seatbelts
  2. Distractions
  3. Drink driving
  4. Showing off
  5. Mobile phones
  6. Drug driving
  7. Driving without insurance
  8. Vulnerable road users
  9. Speeding
  10. Fatigue

How will the Honest Truth benefit me?

Well, aside from hopefully reducing your chances of being involved in a collision, becoming an Honest Truth graduate could help you keep your license too. Remember, in the first two years after passing your test, your license will be taken away when you clock up just six penalty points. That’s two defective tyres, a couple of speeding fines or getting caught just once using a mobile phone. In fact, the number of people losing their license is soaring, with almost 8,000 new drivers going back to L plates in the last year alone.

Learning the truth about safe driving should help you enjoy driving more, and save money on fuel and repairs. And ultimately keep you, your passengers, and your license safe.

How does it work?

The Honest Truth content all sits within an app, where vital road safety education can be conveyed effectively, within just a few minutes per lesson, delivering the key messages, the ten ‘Truths’, in the correct way.

Then app hosts ten, two-minute ‘Truth’ videos, on important topics such as distractions, fatigue, speed and drink or drug driving. These videos spark further in-car discussions with your instructor. After each ‘Truth’ is completed, you’ll receive an email congratulating you on your progress and encouraging you to complete the next step. After completing the tenth and final video you’ll receive a digital ‘graduation’ certificate.


Where do I find an Honest Truth instructor?

Although most instructors will try to give you the best advice about safe driving. Not all instructors can deliver the Honest Truth – they need to sign up with the campaign to receive some materials and training first. You can check the map below to see if there’s an Honest Truth instructor in your area. If not, you might want to suggest to your instructor that they join Honest Truth – just send them to

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