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Firstcar Limited is the UK’s market-leading publishing company in the new driver market. FirstCar has won multiple awards and has a market reach which is unrivalled, unmatched and hugely impressive. FirstCar effectively communicates with the hard-to-reach set of new drivers in a unique and engaging way, allowing key advertising messages to reach this impressionable audience in a cost-effective manner.

FirstCar has produced award-winning magazines for over a decade and now publish over 2.5m+ publications annually. FirstCar stands alone, targeting every learner and newly qualified driver in the UK. FirstCar publishes three new driver magazines (The Young Driver’s Guide, FirstCar Theory, FirstCar Practical), the latter two in partnership with the DVSA, reaching the new driver a different stage of learning. The portfolio is supplemented by a monthly driving instructor title; Intelligent Instructor. We also publish other titles aimed at other higher risk road users; DriveOn – older drivers; FirstBike – young motorcyclists; The Ultimate Guide to Cycling; 13-30 yr old cyclists; and The Parent’s Guide – the parents of young drivers.

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FirstCar’s digital presence continues to grow. 80k+ new drivers have registered via firstcar.co.uk within the last 18 months, with this figure growing by 1k per week. Both email and text campaigns can be deployed to reach this growing database of new drivers.

firstcar.co.uk is the online hub for new drivers. With easy to digest information, it’s there to help the new driver get to grips with becoming an independent driving. With over 20k unique users visiting the site each month, the web site offers all a new driver is looking for; insurance, their first car or just independent, expert information.

FirstCar Theory launched in 2012 and is published under exclusive license from the government; Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). The magazine is handed to all learners in test centres, when they collect their theory test results. It’s a 52-page, glossy A5 magazine packed full of essential information tailored for the learner driver.

Published quarterly, a total of 1.1m copies are printed annually, distributed via all theory test centres nationwide. The magazine offers blanket coverage of all learner drivers taking their theory test, ensuring an early touch point with the learner, when they are researching and making key decisions and starting to form brand opinions.  There is the ability to run three, six or 12 month campaigns.

FirstCar Practical is handed out by the driving examiner to candidates on completion of the driving test – pass or fail. It is like its sister title FirstCar Theory; A5, glossy, 52-pages, published under exclusive license from the DVSA, published quarterly and packed full of essential new driver information.  The magazine’s content is perfectly tailored to those at an advanced learning stage, those at the point of taking their driving test and who are about to become independent drivers for the very first time.

825,000 copies are distributed over a 12-month period via all driving test centres nationwide, offering blanket coverage to all newly qualified drivers. There is the ability to run three, six or 12-month campaigns.

Email and text marketing

FirstCar has a growing database of learner and newly qualified drivers with new members registering with us daily. We currently have 75,000+ opt ins on our database, predominately fuelled by readers of the two million+ new driver magazines published annually.

FirstCar consistently receives over 5k monthly new registrations with 85% ‘opting in’ to receive 3rd party communications. 80% give us their mobile phone number too. At registration, we capture how experienced they are as a driver and can segment the database accordingly.

FirstCar e-newsletter contains all the latest news, views and updates targeting new drivers. Broadcast monthly to 70,000+ registered users, this is a digital touch point with our young driver audience helping further build brand and trust after they have received our magazines. Be the overall sponsor or advertise on the newsletter.

The Young Driver’s Guide

YDG is the original, award-winning FirstCar title has been published for over a decade. The 116-pages is packed full of essential information for the young driver.  Bought in bulk and distributed by road safety officers via schools and colleges throughout the UK. 150,000 copies are printed and distributed over a 12-month period; the magazine targets new drivers (17-24yrs).

Published annually every March and re-printed in August

Intelligent Instructor

Intelligent Instructor is the market-leading, only independent, monthly trade magazine for Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs), providing highly targeted access to driver trainers across the UK.

With the highest circulation of any magazine on the market, an impressive 15,000 copies are printed and distributed to active ADIs. We have a growing number of paid for subscribers, whilst the magazines are readily available in handy display boxes in all driving test centres nationwide, for instructors to pick up and read whilst waiting for their students to return from test.

Intelligent Instructor has a growing email database of ADIs (4,000+). We can broadcast advertiser’s marketing messages directly to the inboxes of driving instructors, and provide fully detailed reports on the effectiveness of such campaigns.

Intelligent Instructor’s monthly e-newsletter contains all the latest news, views and updates in the driving instructor industry. Broadcast in between the printed magazine being published, it ensures the 4,000+ strong instructor database gets their regular fix of independent news from the industries trusted brand.


DriveOn magazine is the only magazine on the market aimed at 65 yrs+ motorists. It’s published bi-annually by Firstcar Ltd, the market-leading, multi-award winning publisher of road safety titles. DriveOn is aimed at the growing group of older drivers helping to communicate key motoring issues to a demographic that are notoriously hard to reach.

The 52-page magazine is written in a non-preachy style to engage with the older driver, helping educate these high-risk motorists, with the aim of making them safer road users. We offer useful information and expert insight, covering a whole range of relevant motoring topics for the more mature driver. We offer guidance on how to enjoy the freedom that driving brings, as well as important money saving advice. Topics covered include renewing your license, refresher driving courses, Blue Badge scheme, insurance and maintenance.

Published annually every March and re-printed in August.

Ultimate Guide to Cycling

The Ultimate Guide to Cycling is an annual, 52-page, A5 magazine. It’s packed full of useful information and expert advice covering a whole range of cycling topics. It’s designed to inform, enthuse, engage and excite the readers with the aim of promoting cycling, encouraging them to cycle more.

It targets cyclists aged 16-30 who use their bike as a mode of transport to travel to school, college or work. It’s not aimed at the enthusiast cyclist or those who have been riding regularly all their lives, it’s for young people who are just getting in to cycling and who view cycling as a fun way to get about, save money and stay healthy.

Published annually every March and re-printed in August.


FirstBike magazine is an annual, 52-page, A5 magazine full of useful information and expert advice covering a whole range of biking topics. It’s designed to inform, enthuse, engage and excite new readers who are currently learning or have recently started biking. It is the only magazine on the market aimed at new bikers; those just starting their motorcycling career. Aimed at 16-24 year olds, FirstBike targets bikers from 16 as they take their CBT right through to qualifying for their A1, A2 and full A licence.

Published annually every March and re-printed in August.


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