How many driving lessons do I need to pass the practical test?

From the moment you provisional licence lands on your door mat, you’ll be itching to turn it into a full licence. We bet you are wondering, “How many driving lessons do I need?”

Professional lessons

We all learn at our own pace, and everyone is different. But something like 45 hours of lessons are usually required to get a new driver to the standard needed to pass the practical test.

If possible, it helps to reinforce professional lessons with around 20 hours of practice. You’ll need to stay below the level you have reached with your instructor, though, and be mindful that you won’t have the safety net of a car with dual controls.

Without the opportunity to practise between lessons you may need more professional instruction to get your driving skills up to scratch.

Making the most of each session

Lessons usually last one hour, 90 minutes, or two hours. We’d recommend going for longer lessons. You have more chance to get into a rhythm in a longer session, and the extra time allows for new skills to be reinforced.

And if you are still asking yourself, “How many driving lessons do I need?” you’ll need fewer lessons if each session is longer!

You’ll get more from each lesson if you go into them well rested. So get a good night’s sleep the night before, and have something to eat and drink before the lesson to give you energy.

Listen carefully to the instructor. You’re paying for their time and expertise, so make the most of every minute!

Taking lessons after failing a practical test

Everyone want to pass the practical test at the first attempt, but there’s a good chance you won’t make the grade first time.

If that happens, you’ll need more lessons. Use these sessions to rebuild your confidence, and to work on whatever caught you out in your first test.

Don’t get down if you fail first time. A few more lessons with your instructor and you’ll be ready to pass second time.

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