First driving lesson tips: how to make the most of time with your instructor

You’re paying for an expert to teach you how to drive, so it makes sense to get the most bang for your buck. You need to be ready to make the most of every session, including those all-important first lessons which lay the groundwork for everything that follows. That means being well rested and prepared before the lesson starts, and concentrating hard for every minute behind the wheel. Here are our first driving lesson tips…

Rest up

Always try to get a good night’s rest before a lesson. A big night out with your mates before a morning lesson isn’t a good idea – you need to be fully alert and sober.

Fuel up

Eat and drink before the lesson to boost your energy levels and keep them high. Be wary of heavily caffeinated drinks that make you alert for a while, but will leave you feeling tired when the effect wears off.

Go long

Everyone is different, but one of our favourite first driving lesson tips is to book a 90-minute or two-hour lesson. You’ll have a better chance to get into a rhythm than if the session lasts an hour. In fact, you’ll be surprised just how quickly the time passes.

Listen up…

Your instructor knows what they are talking about, so concentrate hard on what they are telling you to do. When it comes to driving lessons, you get back what you put in.

… but ask questions

If you really don’t understand what your instructor is asking you to do, don’t be afraid to say so. And ask them questions to help plug gaps in your driving knowledge.

Don’t expect everything to click straight away

Another of our first driving lesson tips: don’t expect everything to be plain sailing. We’re not born knowing how to drive, so don’t be disheartened if you find driving tricky during your early lessons.

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