A parent's guide to learning to drive, car buying & insurance options

from FirstCar in association with Adrian Flux

The process of learning to drive has changed immeasurably over time. So we've teamed up with Adrian Flux to create a guide to help you understand what it will take to get someone not only through their driving test, but ultimately on the right path to being a safe and responsible driver.


The Learning to Drive journey

Our learning to drive will walk you through everything from how to apply for a provisional licence, choosing the right driving instructor, how to get extra practice with friends or family all the way through to taking practical driving test.


Buying a car

A large proportion of new drivers will be looking at Used Cars, but there are so many different ways to finance a car New or Used. Have a read through our guide through each option, so you can choose the most suitable option.


car insurance options

Car Insurance is often significantly more expensive for new drivers, especially under 25. There are products out there to help bring costs down. We explain how Telematics or 'Black Box' Insurance works and how it can save you money.