Do I need breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover will come to the rescue if your car breaks. Instead of being stranded by the roadside, your provider will send someone to fix the car. Or if it can’t be fixed, they’ll tow the car away. If you are asking yourself “Do I need breakdown cover?” the answer is almost certainly yes.

What type of breakdown cover is best?

It depends. Most big breakdown companies like the RAC have different levels of service depending on what you need and how much you have to spend.

Some cheaper breakdown insurance policies don’t cover the cost of recovery up front. You pay yourself, but hold onto the receipt and claim the money back. This can be a good option if keeping a lid on your motoring budget is important.

Very basic packages only cover roadside breakdowns, and won’t help out if your car won’t start at home. The extra cost of having home assistance is usually quite low, so we’d recommend choosing cover that includes this.

Check whether the package allows for onward travel. This will help get you where you were going if the car can’t be repaired quickly.

Do I need breakdown cover for me or the car?

Good question. You’ll have a choice of policies that either cover a specific vehicle, or you personally in any car. If you live in a multi-car household or often travel with mates, then personal cover is worth considering. However, if other people drive your car and you want cover that applies when someone else is behind the wheel, then a policy for the specific vehicle is best.

What extras are worth paying for?

One feature of a fully loaded package is European breakdown cover. This is great if you are planning a driving holiday abroad, but it’s money wasted if you have no intention of taking your car on a foreign holiday. Don’t spend money on something you don’t need.

So, sum it all up…

Unless you have a brand new car that’s still covered by the breakdown cover included in the price, then we recommend paying for breakdown cover. The cost of a year’s policy is much less than you’d pay to have your car recovered without it.

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