Learner insurance allows you to clock-up more of those all-important hours on the road in someone else's car, without them having to worry about losing their no claims bonus. 

Professional driving tuition is expensive, and it's this cost which can easily limit the amount of time you get behind the wheel.

However, if you're able to practise independently, you should be able to save cash, plus you'll build experience and confidence that much faster. The problem here though is getting insurance on the car in which you want to practise. Your parents could well have suitable cars, but affordable cover may be elusive - which is where learner insurance comes in. 

This allows you to practise in somebody's car, and instead of you having to be covered by their insurance, you're covered by your own. You're comprehensively insured too, which means that if you prang a parent's car, they won't have to claim on their policy.

There are lots of these schemes available, with prices typically starting at around £80 per month. Generally you can learn in pretty much any type of car, if it's under supervision, and with the owner's permission.

Policies generally range from an initial month to a whole year, but once you've paid for that initial period, you can normally top up a week at a time. Crucially, as soon as you've passed your test you'll need to arrange a normal insurance policy or you'll be driving uninsured.

As with any insurance cover, you have to ensure you're not breaking any terms and conditions; insurance companies don't like young drivers piloting expensive and powerful cars for example, so make some checks.

Typically, there's an insurance group limit (such as 30), while a car's value may be another obstacle. It's not just the car that can cause problems though; whoever supervises you is probably going to have to be at least 25 years old, and should have had a licence for at least three years.

There may be other restrictions too, such as driving at night, and any car you learn in must already be covered on a conventional annual policy. Also, the chances are you'll have to buy a separate policy for each car, if you practise in more than one.

Check out our list of partners below - they all have something slightly different to offer, so why not get a quote from them all and see which one is right for you. 

Confused.com are the first price comparison site in the UK. Their primary focus is saving people money and giving customers that driver win! They compare over 100 leading insurers including Admiral, Churchill, AXA, LV and more to find you their best deal.

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We’re the UK’s largest specialist motor insurance broker and we’re able to offer competitive insurance policies for new drivers and those that are learning to drive. Click here to get a free quote online!

  • Cover for you to learn to drive in a car, even if you don’t own it. Policies available from 1 month to 1 year and 50% discount if you insure yourself on both parents vehicles.

  • Fluxscore – A policy that gives you the opportunity to save money on your insurance by offering you updates on your driving on a daily basis via a smartphone app. You can see your renewal premium reducing with good driving.

  • Discounts available for fitting a dashcam, being a member of an owners club and for completing a Pass Plus course!

  • Call the dedicated FirstCar quotations line on 0800 085 6119 or click here to arrange a call back.

If you're a Learner Driver aged 17 to 25 looking for your own car insurance policy, then our Black Box insurance could be perfect for you. Our policy doesn't end when you pass your test, instead it carries on with you and the cost stays the same!

With no curfews or restrictions, you get regular feedback on how well you’re doing, to help you improve! Get a quote and see how much you could save! Why Choose Think Insurance?

  • No curfews – drive any time

  • Discounts for low mileage

  • Start earning your own No Claims Bonus

Call the FirstCar number now on 0800 223 0225 or click on the button to receive a quote.

Practise driving in your family or friend’s car with Marmalade’s Learner Driver Insurance

  • For 17 – 34 year olds

  • Flexible 30, 60 or 90 day cover with options to renew for 7 or 14 days

  • No risk to the owners No Claims Discount!

  • Excellent 5 star rating on Trustpilot

Terms & conditions apply. Please see Marmalade website for details.


Award winning Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance offers short term policies from 28 days to 24 weeks with the option to top up from just 7 days. You can insure your own vehicle or someone else's car (as specified on the policy).

  • For 17 – 65 year olds

  • Cover from 28 days to 24 weeks and Annual too

  • Top up from just 7 days

  • 50% discount on second car when insuring both vehicles at same time

  • Build up no claims history and get a pro rata refund of premiums if test passed within 12 months on Annual policies

Click here and get £20 off a new short term policy and up to £20 off every subsequent short term policy purchased.


Girls Drive Better is a specialist insurance broker providing insurance to Learner and newly qualified drivers. We have a variety of options available that will cover you from getting your provisional licence through to when you can throw away the L plates! Monthly policies are available or you can take advantage of our Provisional Licence upgrade scheme that covers you after you have passed your test, no need to take out another policy or pay more money, no hidden fess or cancellation charges! Call us now on 033 336 60074 to discuss your options.

  • UK Breakdown Cover and legal expenses included

  • Instant cover with easy payment terms

  • Fast track your own No Claims Bonus

Terms and conditions apply. PS. We insure Boys as well!!

Then when you've passed your test, take a look at our panel of new driver insurance partners by clicking here.