Success through the generations with IAM RoadSmart

‘Enjoyment’ might not be a word you’d initially associate with a driving course, but that’s exactly what IAM RoadSmart’s Advanced Driver Course gave to Margaret and Harriet – and much more!

IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, has spent more than 60 years making roads safer by improving driver and rider skills through coaching and education. Using qualified experts in a network of 82,000 members and around 180 local groups. IAM RoadSmart delivers driving and riding courses – as well as young and mature driver assessments – to build on their knowledge and skills.

Harriet’s grandmother, Margaret Campion, attended a talk where IAM Lincolnshire gave a talk on confident driving.

Following the hour-long presentation, free taster drives were offered, and Margaret took up a free taster drive with IAM RoadSmart. A few weeks later and the taster drive was complete. The result? Margaret had signed up to complete a full Advanced Driver Course.

The benefits she found as she did the course turned Margaret’s attention to her grandchildren’s driving and before long granddaughter, Harriet, aged 19 also signed up for an Advanced Driver Course, through IAM Lincolnshire’s partnership scheme with Police and Crime Commissioner, Marc Jones.

“When my Grandma told me there was an opportunity to join IAM Lincolnshire thanks to the Police and Crime Commissioner initiative, I jumped at the chance,” Harriet said. Having been driving for just over a year she welcomed the opportunity to improve her skills. “The course was so enjoyable, and my confidence improved so much even before I had passed my test.”

Despite learning to drive many years apart, the pair found that driving difficulties were the same through the generations, as they worked on improving their techniques. Margaret found that ‘spoken thought’ (otherwise known as commentated drives as) really helped her to start noticing road signs and marking, anticipating hazards, and dealing with these effectively. “It was good comparing notes as we progressed,” Harriet said.

The pair returned and passed their advanced tests in September 2021 – just one day apart!

“My observers were so kind and helpful – no groans or gripping the door handle as I took corners too fast, or too slow, or used the brakes when I should have accelerated,” Margaret added. “I have had the additional pleasure of seeing Harriet complete her advanced driving test too which is wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and have recommended the course to several of my friends and would encourage others to do it too.”

The pair are now encouraging their family members to match their achievements and take the course.

For those who want to improve on specific areas of driving, or an opportunity to refresh their skills in particular areas after their test, then IAM RoadSmart offers on-road modules to help with that. From parking and manoeuvring, to driving in towns or on motorways – these on-road modules are short 75-minute sessions to boost your confidence and help you stay safe on the road.

IAM RoadSmart has also created an enjoyable and supporting Young Driver Assessment to give you additional knowledge and skills to make the most of the new-found freedom that driving offers.  Whether young drivers want to learn how to get more out of their car or want guidance on a specific area of driving, IAM RoadSmart has experts that can help.

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