Advanced driving courses: how to improve your driving skills

If you’ve just passed your driving test, there’s a good chance the last thing on your mind is more lessons. Bear with us, though. There are good reasons to consider advanced driving courses or some other kind of post-test training. It’s not just about improving your driving skills, although that’s obviously a good thing. You could find your insurance will be cheaper after an advanced driving course. In the long run, some post-test training could pay for itself.

Pass Plus

Probably the best-known post-test course is Pass Plus. It’s open to drivers at any point in their driving career, but it’s really aimed at new drivers who have just passed the practical test and want to take their driving to the next level.

The course takes six hours or a little more, so it’s not a huge time commitment. Only certain driving instructors are qualified to take the Pass Plus course, so check with your instructor or contact the DVSA to find a Pass Plus instructor near you. Fees vary around the country, but some local councils will chip in towards the cost.

Apply for a Pass Plus certificate after completing the course. You can use it to prove you have completed Pass Plus which entitles you to a discount with many insurers.

Other courses

Most instructors will happily provide some extra lessons if there’s something specific you don’t feel confident about.

But if you’re really serious about advanced driving courses, you may want to look at a qualification from IAM Roadsmart or RoSPA.

A RoSPA Level 2 Award in Defensive Driver Development involves two hours of classroom theory, and five hours on the road, with two candidates to one trainer. It costs £220.

An IAM Roadsmart Advanced Driver course costs £149. There’s a test at the end of the course, and if you pass you’ll be entitled to call yourself a fully certified expert driver. Better still, many insurers will offer you a discount on your premium – that’s especially valuable as a new driver.

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