The best new car deals: the right car at the right price

Even the cheapest new car will cost several thousand pounds. It’s a really big purchase. But you don’t have to pay the recommended retail price, there’s always room to negotiate. Here’s how to find the best new car deals.

1. Haggle for a discount

If you don’t ask you don’t get. So always ask the dealer for their best price.

Lots of us are nervous about haggling, but the salesperson is expecting you to ask for a discount. They won’t want to lose a sale. And although a dealer negotiates sales for a living, there are steps you can take to tip the odds in your favour.

2. Look for online deals

Even if you would prefer to buy from a dealer, see what prices you can find online. That’s where you can find some of the best new car deals. Take a look at a new car from Marmalade and get free insurance. These companies have already done the hard work for you, and can sell you a car for thousands less than the asking price.

Have the best new car deal you can find handy when you negotiate. If they think you are ready to buy the same car for less elsewhere they’ll be more willing to give you a discount. They won’t necessarily be able to match the internet price, but they should get close.

3. Shop for more than one make and model

If you want the best new car deal, don’t set your heart on one particular car. Take a good look at two or three models. Our new car reviews will help you choose.

The car that impresses you on the test drive might not be the one you expect. Just as importantly, if you tell the dealer you are considering more than one model, and that your money will go to the salesperson who offers the best deal, they’ll know they have to work for the sale.

4. Don’t just think about the price

A good deal isn’t just about knocking a chunk off the list price. Most new cars are bought on finance, and so the finance deal is just as important.

Car makers sometimes offer big deposit contributions, or interest-free finance packages. These can really cut the cost of buying a new car. Look out for finance packages that combine monthly payments for the car and your insurance, such as Marmalade’s Cars for Young Drivers and Peugeot’s Just Add Fuel with Telematics. These can work out a lot cheaper than paying for the car and insurance separately.

5. Look at an ex-demo car

Dealer demonstrators are sold off after a few months, often with a big discount over the cost of a brand new car. An ex-demonstrator will have a few miles on the clock, but it will have been well cared for. Just be sure that you couldn’t haggle your way to a similar price on a new car with a bit of effort.

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