DrivingTest Wiz

The driving test costs £62 and when you add in the extras like refresher lessons and using your instructor’s car, the cost of taking the test can start to rocket! Over half the people who take their driving test fail! Let’s face it no-one looks forward to retaking the test – that’s why we’ve developed the Driving Test Wiz app, helping you avoid the most common mistakes.

Learners fail the driving test for many reasons, and it should not be attempted before you are ready as learning to drive is a serious business and not something to be rushed. However, there are some very common mistakes that people repeatedly make on their test. Don’t worry, Driving Test Wiz highlights these and helps you avoid them.

Developed by FirstCar in conjunction with one of the UK’s leading driving instructors, containing ten video modules designed to help you be better prepared on test day, including…

  • Overcoming nerves
  • Improving observation skills
  • Moving off and stopping
  • Controls and positioning
  • Correct use of speed
  • Anticipating & planning
  • Road signs and signals
  • Control at junctions
  • Mastering manoeuvres
  • The mock test

Avoid wasting money retaking your test, the Driving Test Wiz app is priced at £1.99 and could be a very wise investment. Available for both Apple and Android.