Tips on how to stay ‘roadworthy’

Thousands of accidents and breakdowns are caused each year by maintenance issues such as defective breaks and under inflated tyres, but how do you keep on top of your car safety when your new to driving?

A new roadworthiness report from Halfords Autocentre has highlighted that 40% of the breakdowns Highways England attended over a two-year period were down to the following…

  • Poor tyre maintenance
  • Power loss
  • Engine trouble
  • Vehicles running out fuel

The in-depth report also takes a look at the new MOT rules and if we, as drivers understand them properly. Results from a quiz Halfords Autocentre conducted showed many of us don’t understand the new MOT rules or some of the basics of car safety.

It’s important for all new drivers have a basic understanding of vehicle maintenance to avoid any roadside mishaps and dangerous situations. If you’re not sure on how to maintain your car, you should always seek advice and read up on what you can do to be safer.

Here are just some of the things you can do to keep your vehicle in check:

Lights – Check over all of your lights, including indicators to ensure that they are working properly and don’t have any damage present.

Engine Oil – Checking your oil levels is especially important before a long journey, so be sure to use your dipstick and top up when needed.

Seatbelts – Seatbelts should always be worn, and it’s important to make sure they are working effectively and don’t have any damage.

Water – Check your water once a week to ensure the coolant level is between the minimum and maximum markers.

Tyres – Check that your tyres meet the legal tread depth and make sure they are not over or under inflated.

Fuel– Don’t let your fuel get to dangerously low levels, you don’t want to find yourself stuck at a hazardous point of the road.

The report aims to educate drivers and encourage them to brush up on their knowledge and get their cars regularly checked. This, and maintaining a full service history is essential for all drivers, new and old.


Visit the Halfords Autocentre report here.