Santa’s got a brand-new car!

  • Top 10 car brands Brits believe Santa would drive include a Land Rover, Jeep and Rolls Royce
  • Red was the car colour of choice for Father Christmas for 7 in 10 Brits (70%)
  • Essential features for his vehicle included: plenty of boot space (64%), a sat nav (52%) and heated seats (41%)

If his reindeer deserted him and the elf magic ran dry, Santa could be found driving a red Land Rover according to Brits.

A new study, conducted by UK-based personal car leasing specialists ZenAuto, asked 2,000 Brits what they thought the big man would look for in a vehicle – after all, even Santa needs a run-around for his days off.

Judging by their responses, Brits certainly believe Santa to be a rather suave chap, as several sleek and sporty car brands made their way in to the top 10 car brands they think would be driven by the man in red, including, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lamborghini.

Top 10 Car Brands Brits think Santa Would Drive

  1. Land Rover – 38%
  2. Jeep – 35%
  3. Rolls Royce – 29%
  4. Bentley – 28%
  5. Ferrari – 23%
  6. Aston Martin – 22%
  7. Volkswagen – 20%
  8. Lamborghini – 14%
  9. Mini – 12%
  10. Tesla – 12%

Participants were also asked to list the colours and key features they think Father Christmas is likely to opt for, and perhaps not surprisingly, red was deemed to be his colour of choice by 7 in 10 Brits (70%).

With 195 countries to visit before Christmas Day, the nation was also quizzed about the main vehicle features Saint Nick is likely to need for his journey. The top 10 essentials included; plenty of boot space to ensure there’s room for all of those gifts (64%), a built in sat nav to help him navigate his way across the globe (52%), and heated seats for those cold and frosty mornings (41%).

Owing to the number of miles Santa is due to rack up this Christmas eve, approximately 82 million miles to be precise, another vital factor that made the top 10 was that the vehicle was electric or at the very least eco-friendly, as voted for by almost a third of Brits (31%).Vicky Kerridge, Head of Consumer Experience at ZenAuto, commented on the findings:  

“We’re happy to see that the results showed that Brits were thinking in terms of practicality for Father Christmas when it came to his potential car, after all, he has a very important job to do, so it’s essential he has the best tools for the job.

“With so many miles to cover, it’s great to see that so many people are thinking about the environmental implications of his journey, and luckily there are plenty of electric and hybrid options out there for him to pick from.”