Nearly half of drivers are annoyed by learners on the road

Learning to drive can be hard enough without added pressure from other drivers. The latest survey from young driver car insurance provider ingenie has revealed that 45% of drivers admit to being annoyed by learners on the road, with the remaining 55% claiming to not be bothered by them at all.

Of those surveyed who are annoyed by learners, the number one issue is driving too slowly (38%), followed by taking lessons during rush hour (22%). This is bad news for learners, as drivers who feel frustrated at being held up may be more likely to tailgate or drive aggressively.

With many young people learning to drive over the summer holiday, ingenie is urging drivers to remember that they were learners once and to give them space when out on the road.

Selim Cavanagh, ingenie CEO, said: “Many of us get frustrated behind slow drivers, but we know from feedback within our learner driver community that lessons and private practice can be stressful and pressure from other drivers can make things worse. Tailgating and unsafe overtaking is dangerous for all drivers on the road. Our driver support team advises ingenie drivers who are following a learner to give them space and only overtake if it’s safe to do so at a legal speed.”

Jo Silvester, driving instructor and member of Swindon Young Drivers, offers some advice to parents when giving private practice. “If your car is being tailgated while your learner is driving, the common reaction is to increase speed to get away from the vehicle, however this only results in the tailgating happening at a higher speed. Instead advise your learner to slowly increase the gap between your car and whatever is ahead. If the following car does not overtake but continues to drive too close, stay calm and find a safe place to turn off the road.

“There are some amazing, helpful drivers out there and please remember, when you are driving behind the next learner, give them a little more space.”

Of the 45% of survey respondents who said they do get annoyed with learner drivers, the reasons given are:

 Driving too slowly: 38%
 Taking lessons during rush hour: 22%
 Stalling at junctions and lights: 17%
 Making mistakes such as indicating wrongly: 14%
 Blocking the road doing manoeuvres: 9%