Motorists choose Queen over Kayne

The all-time greats are as popular as ever, with pop voted the most motivational genre of driving music, Don’t Stop Me Now the ultimate driving song and Freddie Mercury found to be as inspirational to Gen-Z as Beyoncé.

Queen’s 1979 anthem, Don’t Stop Me Now, has been voted the most motivational driving song of all time by nearly half (42%) of British motorists, ranking above classic sing-a-longs by Survivor, Bon Jovi and Tina Turner, as well as offerings from current hitmakers like Lady Gaga and Pharrell Williams.

A new piece of research* by Goodyear Tyres has revealed a chart-topping playlist is a necessity for British motorists, with four-in-five (78%) saying that listening to music is important while driving. Nearly two thirds (59%) of drivers rely on a great beat for entertainment, nearly half (45%) play music as a means of de-stressing whilst in the car, and over a quarter (27%) use it to motivate them on their way to work. Two-thirds (66%) of drivers said that they would even prefer to listen to music in the car over chatting to their family (13%), friends (5%) or children (3%).

Pop was voted by nearly half (47%) of respondents to be the most motivational genre of driving music, followed by rock (34%) and dance music (15%). By contrast, techno (3%), grime (2%) and dubstep (1%) were found to be the least motivational genres.

The UK’s top five motivational driving songs were found to be…

  • Don’t Stop Me Now; Queen (42%)
  • Eye of the Tiger; Survivor (28%)
  • Livin’ on a Prayer; Bon Jovi (26%)
  • Simply the Best; Tina Turner (23%)
  • Happy; Pharrell Williams (18%)

Drawing on their research, Goodyear Tyres is creating a series of specially curated motivational playlists on Spotify to help motorists feel like they’re on the path to greatness, no matter what their destination.

Andy Marfleet, Goodyear Tyres, commented: “As a nation we spend a huge amount of time in our cars, and it’s clear from our research that music plays a vital role in keeping drivers motivated whilst on the road. Whether it’s the motorists who use their driving music to pump themselves up for a day at work, or those who say it winds them down when feeling stressed, we wanted to see how we could help the UK’s drivers achieve the best frame of mind when on the road so they are inspired to start something great when they do eventually arrive at their destination.”

Having already voted Queen’s classic anthem, Don’t Stop Me Now, as the ultimate motivational driving song, nearly half (46%) of Brits nominated Freddie Mercury as the most inspirational musical icon of all time, followed by Aretha Franklin (24%) and Prince (19%).

More recent artists, such as Ariana Grande (8%), Stormzy (6%) and Kanye West (5%) were less revered. Perhaps the most surprising result though, was that 18-24 year-olds were just as inspired by Freddie Mercury as they were Beyoncé, with each receiving 35% of the younger vote. Likewise, it seems that ‘Queen B’ reigns supreme over all ages, with more than 1-in-20 (6%) over 55s naming Beyoncé as their most inspirational music icon.

Goodyear’s motivational playlists are available on Spotify here.