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How to apply for a provisional licence

How to apply for a provisional licence

Your 16th birthday may be a watershed in your life, but it’s not until a year later that the fun really starts, because that’s when you can apply for your provisional driving licence, and start learning to drive a car. There's also some urban legends around the age rising, however there has been no official word on this happening, so..

How old do you have to be to learn to drive in the UK?

Currently the legal age to learn to drive a car is 17. Well that's unless you get (or have applied for) the enhanced rate of the mobility component of a Personal Independence Payment, in which case you can start your driving lessons from your 16th birthday. You can check your eligibility here. 

When will my provisional licence arrive?

To make sure your licence arrives in time for your birthday, you can apply for it up to three months in advance. However, regardless of when it arrives you can’t get behind the wheel until your birthday.

Just as importantly, even if you’ve applied for your licence in good time but it fails to arrive before your birthday, you can’t start driving until you’ve got you’ve actually got your licence in your hands.

However, as it should take just a week for your licence to arrive (once you’ve submitted the application), two months should be plenty of time. Applying for a provisional driving licence is simplicity itself. All you have to do is complete the relevant driving licence and photocard application forms (known as D1 forms and available from most post offices). 

How much is a provisional licence?

It costs £34 to apply for your provisional licence online and £43 if you'd prefer to apply via post. For both channels you'll also need to factor in costs of potentially getting some new passport style photos if required. 

How can I apply for my provisional licence?

You don’t have to apply for your provisional driving licence through the post though; you can do it from the comfort of your favourite armchair by using the online service. If you'd rather choose snail mail, you will find the address and other useful bits of info on the Gov.uk website here.

It’s a fact

Once you’ve got your licence, it’s automatically yours until you’re 70. But you have to renew the photocard part every 10 years (with a current mug shot), and as you can read later on, it’s very easy to lose your licence if you do something daft…

Watch out!

If you’re applying for your licence online, make sure you use the official website. There are several official-sounding third-party sites out there that’ll submit your application for you – but they charge you a fee and it’s debatable whether or not they add any value.

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