The RAC celebrates 30 years of the Motoring Report

The RAC has put together a journey through time to show how motoring has changed since the start of the Report on Motoring 30 years ago!

Some of our highlights from the report are:

  • In 1988, 29% of people advised they would particularly look for rear seatbelts, next time they bought a car!

  • In 1991, it became compulsory for adults to wear seat belts in the rear of the vehicle!

  • In 1994, the Channel Tunnel passenger service opens!

  • In 2001, Aston Martin introduced the Vanquish, the first production Aston Martin that could hit 200mph!

  • In October 2003, the average cost of a litre of petrol was 76.34p!

  • In 2008, 92% of motorists thought that drivers in the UK had become more dependent on their cars and more car-focused than in 1988!

  • In 2015, drug-driving law in England and Wales was updated to include eight general prescription and 8 illicit drugs!

The 30th edition of the Report on Motoring has now been released, and you can download this and view the RAC’s entire journey through time here!