New car registration statistics released for 2017

Ford Fiesta in pole position

The Department for Transport have released their latest statistics showing the volume of each make & model car registered for the first time in 2017. As expected the number of vehicles registered contracted by approx. 7%.

The Ford Fiesta remains the UK’s most popular car, with 91,074 new registrations in 2017. That’s despite a drop of 21% vs 2016. The Ford Fiesta held 3 of the top 5 models registered with the Zetec, Zetec Turbo & Titanium variants 1st, 2nd  5th respectively. With a new model launched in 2017, it’s not surprising people we’re waiting to pull the trigger on a new purchase until more reviews had landed.

Not such a rosy picture for typically very popular Vauxhall Corsa with a drop to 48,490 vs 73,704 registered in 2016. Other manufacturers have seen a similar story with all Peugeot models bringing in a total of 77,373 vs 2016’s 91,365 (a drop of 15%).

Some bright lands stand out including FirstCar 2018 Driving Instructor Car of the Year the Citreon C3 showing growth of nearly 78% from 11,191 in 2016 to an impressive 19,938 in 2017.

Another stand out that we watch with interest is Tesla. Whilst waiting here in the UK for the Model 3, Tesla has still produced impressive growth of 95% to 4,675 across all models (2,399 in 2016). Has their aggressive branding & presence in high footfall shopping centres starting to pay dividend? This is one to watch this time next year and into 2020 (we expect it’s going one way, and that’s up!).