How to choose the right driving instructor

There are over 30,000 driving instructors in the UK, so where should you start when looking for someone to teach you how to drive?!

The usual route is to ask family or friends for recommendations or of course you can Google ‘Driving lessons in Cardiff’ for example.

Driving instructors will typically either work as a sole trader and run their business independently or be part of a franchise. This means they work for a company with anything from 2-2,000 driving instructors working for them. There will be smaller local business and large national ones like the AA, Bill Plant, BSM & RED.

The main thing to focus on is the individual, as you’ll likely be spending a fair bit of time in their company and you want to learn from them in the most effective way, so picking someone you can gel with is essential.

There are also 2 types of driving instructors in the UK an ADI and a PDI

What is an ADI?

ADI stands for Approved Driving Instructor. This means that instructor has completed the full instructional course set by the DVSA.

What is a PDI?

A PDI or Potential Driving Instructor has completed all of the required training to take the final teaching ability, but is teaching learners to drive to build experience before taking the final test. This is perfectly legal and can be a really good way for you the learner to save money (PDIs typically charge less for lessons).

What should you look for when looking for a driving instructor?

We’ve provided a few questions to ask to get you started -

1 Is the instructor fully qualified (an ADI)?

2 If I have a PDI will I pay less?

3 If I sign up for a course and we don’t get on, can I have my money back? All of it, or just some?

4 Will I get the same instructor and car for  each lesson?

5 How long is each lesson? Can I choose between 60, 90 and 120-minute sessions?

6 Can I take lessons at different times to build experience of different scenarios such as night time driving sessions?

7 Can I change instructors if we don’t get on?

8 Where will I be having my lessons?

9 Can you pick me up and drop me off at different locations (if required)?

10 Do you offer Motorway lessons as part of the course?