Is it illegal to drive with headphones?


Have you ever battled with the quality of your radio signal and thought you’d be better off listening to your favourite playlist on your new wireless headphones?

Well the easy answer is No - It’s not illegal to drive whilst using headphones, however the police can look at the situation and determine that the headphones we’re causing a distraction that led to dangerous driving. For example if you we’re to have an accident whilst wearing headphones, it’s likely this would be submitted as evidence to say you couldn’t effectively judge the situation as you couldn’t hear.

Our advice would be to stick to your car radio! With the introduction of DAB the signal strength has come on leaps and bounds! And don’t worry if you have an older car with no DAB radio, as you can now buy DAB conversion kits from the likes of Halfords.

If you’re looking at a new car, why not add either Apple Car Play or Android Auto to your wishlist as you can then run your favourite playlists with ease!