Caught speeding twice

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Q: I have recently received Notices of Intended Prosecution (NIPs), for two minor speeding offences. They occurred on the same road within a week of each other. I accept I was slightly over the limit on both of them but honestly had no idea I had committed even one offence, until the NIPs came through.

I have a clean licence but am really worried that, as a result of one stupid week, I am going to have to sit my test again. I passed my test but then got caught with no insurance; I was given six points and had my licence revoked so I had to sit my test again. I’m really worried that these points mean I’ll have to do my test a third time. 

I'm really worried that, as a result of one stupid week, I am going to have to sit my test again

A: If you were revoked as a new driver and sat your test again, you are no longer subject to the new driver provisions. This means you don’t have to sit your test again and you can accrue up to 12 points before being at risk of a minimum six-month ban.

It is likely that the police will offer you a speed awareness course for one of the offences, providing you haven’t already done one in the last 3 years. That will get rid of 3 potential points. You can then accept 3 points for the second offence, taking you to 9. You will just need to be careful in the future to make sure nothing else happens whilst the current points are still active.

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