The checklist you need to complete when collecting your new car

What to check when collecting a new car

The purchase of any new car represents a major financial investment, so you’re entitled to expect perfection. Often this isn’t what’s delivered though, which is why you need to home in on any glitches at the point of collection. As soon as you leave the forecourt, the supplying dealer can (and will) claim that the car was fine when they supplied it. That's why you must check it over thoroughly before you accept it, so check all of these things before you drive away:

Here’s our checklist -

  • Is the paintworkscratch and chip-free?

  • Are there any dents in the panels?

  • Is the glass damaged in any way?

  • Is the paint a uniform colour all round?

  • Is there any evidence of any touching in or respraying?

  • Is it exactly what you ordered in terms of trim level, engine and specification?

  • Is the interior marked in any way?

  • Does everything work? Press all the buttons and make sure everything does as it should.

  • Are you the first registered keeper on the registration document?

  • Has the car been taxed?