Probationary period catches out nearly 50,000

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As a new driver you’ll already know that you’ve got to notch up just half a dozen points within your first two years of driving, and you’ll have your licence taken away. The problem is, it’s easy to acquire six points, as you can read on our page about key driving offences and their penalties.

Just how easy it is to acquire those points is something that almost 50,000 new drivers have discovered over the past four years – according to the DVLA, that’s how many licences have been revoked. 

Young males are four times more likely to be banned than their female counterparts

Of the 48,983 drivers caught out by the probationary period, a whopping 70 per cent are aged under 25 with men accounting for almost 80 per cent of the bans dished out.

Look at this another way, and it means that young males are four times more likely to be banned than their female counterparts.

It’s no surprise that most of the drivers banned within their probationary period are aged under 25; relatively few people take their test after this age. However, things could get a whole lot tougher if graduated driver licensing is introduced, as you can read in our separate news story from a couple of months ago.

*Want to know more about how the probationary period works? Handy then that we’ve got a whole page on the subject