Choose the right options for your new car

What extras can I add to my new car?

Don’t specify options you don’t really need – especially as you get your money back on very few of them.

Things like a DAB Radio and air conditioning will not only make your car much nicer to live with, but they’ll also make it much easier to sell.

Not all options make a car more saleable

So be very choosy before you tick any of those option boxes. These are some of the most commonly specified options:

  • Metallic paint: Makes any car more saleable, but doesn’t usually increase its value.

  • DAB Radio: Any car buyer expects one nowadays – whether buying new or used. It also makes the car nicer to live with.

  • Alloy wheels: They’re now expected, but only on family hatches and above. City cars and superminis look very scruffy by the time their alloys have been kerbed endlessly.

  • Xenon lights: Very expensive to fix when they go wrong, and might ultimately make a car less desirable.

  • Parking sensors: Very cheap and worthwhile on any car because you’ll quickly save money by not having to visit the paintshop.

  • Satellite navigation: Great to have, but very poor value. You won’t get your money back and you’re better off buying a hand-held unit so you can move it from car to car.

  • Leather trim: It’s expected on premium cars, but not in a supermini or city car. While it’s nice to have, you won’t get your money back at resale time.