Where to sell your used car

There’s never been as much choice as there is now, when it comes to places to advertise your car. The trade-in has already been mentioned, but if you choose to sell privately there are plenty of ways to get rid of your old car: 

  • Online: It’s usually cheap to advertise your car online while the audience is potentially massive. Costs also tend to be reasonably low.

  • Local paper: If yours is an ordinary car that isn’t worth a huge amount, people won’t be inclined to travel far to buy it. Regional or local newspapers are your best bet here; only go national if it’s a valuable car or something specialist.

  • On the roadside: Depending on where you live and how prominent you can make the car, this may be worthwhile, but probably only in conjunction with another method. Don’t leave it causing an obstruction – it could get towed away and you’ll be fined.

  • Online auctions: You can decide on the terms and conditions, which is why this is increasingly popular. You can set a reserve as well as an end date, but there are a lot of timewasters out there so be prepared for hassle. The best thing about online auctions is that they can have huge audiences and the seller’s costs are typically very low.

  • At a dealer: Used car dealers are always looking for decent stock, so if you’ve got a car they might be interested in selling, they’ll buy it from you. You won’t get as much for it as if you sold it privately, but it’ll be a quick, hassle-free sale.