When to sell your used car

While the time of year used to make a big difference to how much you got for your car, nowadays it’s not so clear-cut. The classic example was convertibles only selling in the summer, but with modern drop-tops so well engineered, they can be used all year round quite comfortably. Off-roaders used to sell best in the winter, but with demand for SUVs constantly high, and with the cars now being so usable, there’s little difference in values throughout the year.

If your car is a mint example, it’ll sell at any time of year because the best cars always do. However, if it’s merely average you need to be more careful with your timing. There are two peaks in the new car market; 1 March and 1 September. These create knock-on peaks in the used market, which is why around these times there’s always a glut of cars because of the high number of trade ins.

Having said all this, the golden rule is that cars sell best when the weather is decent. Poor weather doesn’t make people feel inclined to stand outside looking over a car – they’d much rather be inside where it’s warm and dry.