Scams: fraudulent car buyers

It’s quite common for somebody to come and inspect your car, but to show more of an interest in what your security arrangements are. Where you keep your car keys, how secure your home’s doors are and whether or not your house has an alarm are all things that the potential car thief will want to establish – and the perfect opportunity to do this may be when viewing your car.

Because vehicle security is now so good, it’s pretty much impossible to overcome a modern ignition system. While hotwiring used to be easy, nowadays a thief needs the car’s keys if they’re to stand any chance of getting away with your car. As a result, that’s exactly what they’ll do – break into your house and take the keys.

Sadly, you have to view any potential buyer as a fraudulent one; they may just be working out the best way of coming back later to get your car’s keys. For this reason you shouldn’t allow anyone to see where you keep your keys or where the alarm cupboard is.

Finally, don’t leave your car keys within range of a letter box. It’s now common for thieves to reach through and snatch keys, even if there’s quite a distance to stretch.