Why you must maintain your car

It’s easy to think you can save a bundle by not paying for any maintenance on your car, but it doesn’t work like that. Fail to get your car serviced and it’ll cost you more in the long run, as not only will the problems morph from small into large, but so will the bills.

So once you start hearing that annoying clicking or whining from underneath the car, do something about it. Fail to act and you could find yourself staring down the barrel of a huge bill to fix things. 

Fail to get your car serviced and it’ll cost you more in the long run. Potentially a lot more.

When FirstCar reader Tom started to see drops of oil appearing on the drive beneath his car, he didn't do anything about it - he didn't even check the engine's oil level.

In fact the oil wasn't coming from the engine - it was the gearbox that was leaking. Had Tom investigated, he'd have seen that the gearbox drain plug had started to work loose, allowing the oil to start seeping out. Once the drain plug had started to work loose, it was only ever going to get even looser - it was never going to tighten itself up again.

Sure enough, when Tom was driving soon after those first drips appeared, the plug came out altogether, draining the gearbox of oil completely. The problem was, Tom didn't know what had happened until things suddenly got very noisy then the gearbox seized.

So within a few days Tom had gone from needing to tighten a plug to having to replace the gearbox - just because he'd ignored the signs. As a result, the bill had gone from nothing to £700 (he fitted a second-hand gearbox), because he'd put off that two-minute check.

So don't ignore those leaks, odd noises or strange smells; if any of these things crop up, either a grandparent is in the front seat, or your car needs some TLC.