Insuring a modified car

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Modifying your car can improve it and allow you to reflect your individuality. But one of the major drawbacks of modifying is the potential hike in your insurance premium.

Depending on the modifications you make, your annual quote could go through the roof, but don’t even think about not advising them about any alterations you’ve made, as this could invalidate your whole policy.

Remember, your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurer, and the premium you pay is based on the car which you've told them you drive. 

Cosmetic mods generally carry much lower loadings, that are much friendlier on your pocket

John Bray from modified specialist insurance brokers Adrian Flux explains how you can stay covered, without paying through the nose for the privilege:

“If you’re planning on modifying your car, it’s always worth getting a quote from a specialist insurance broker first, as some companies willing to insure a standard car will run a mile at the mention of modifications. At Adrian Flux, we deal with a host of modified specialist companies that can insure just about any combination of driver, car and modification you can imagine.

“However, everything comes at a price, and if you’re under 19 years old and want cover on a fast car with a load of performance modifications, no matter which company you choose, it’s not going to be cheap. Cosmetic mods, on the other hand, such as interior, wheels, audio and bodystyling, generally carry much lower loadings, that are much friendlier on your pocket.”

For a better overview of what's likely to cause you grief and what should be more palatable to your insurer, check out our pages on modifying your car.