Marmalade: night-time driving curfews are not the answer

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Marmalade, the young driver insurance provider and FirstCar partner, has called on the Government to review criteria in its forthcoming Green Paper, in light of feedback on telematics from a Gloucestershire coroner.

Coroner David Dooley said he was satisfied 18-year old Oliver Pain's rush to beat the 11pm curfew, a condition of his insurance company's black box policy, was a 'significant factor in his driving'. You can read the full story here

Night-time curfews are one of a number of conditions being considered by the Department for Transport

Night-time curfews are one of a number of conditions considered by the Department for Transport as part of its Green Paper looking to improve young driver safety and cut the high cost of premiums for this age group.

But Marmalade, whose own telematics policy has purposely been designed without a night-time driving curfew, says this particular criteria is flawed and impractical to enforce.

"This is an extremely tragic incident and our thoughts are with the families of these two young people," said Marmalade MD Crispin Moger. "It is also sad that it has taken something as horrific as this to happen to bring this issue to everyone's attention. We have always said that night-time curfews are not right for young drivers.

"Young people are young adults with jobs, social lives and responsibilities which don't fit neatly into a life that stops at 11pm and starts again at 5am. If we expect young drivers to act responsibly on our roads we need to treat them as such and not impose unrealistic restrictions."

Marmalade instead uses other key motoring performance indicators, including acceleration, braking, cornering and speed, to measure and maintain safe driving. It regularly surveys young drivers to monitor feedback. A survey of 200 new UK drivers aged 17-24 found that 60% would not support a restriction on driving between 11pm and 5am if the Government was to introduce it.

Annabel Martin, 17, had been driving for four months when Marmalade asked her about the curfew initiative. Annabel has telematics fitted into her car said she wouldn't be in favour, she said it would encourage her to 'speed' to get home in time.

Full footage of her thoughts on the Green Paper, including the curfew restriction are in the interview which you can see on youtube.