Car crime hotspots revealed

Research by car insurance comparison website has revealed that drivers in Ilford are the ones most likely to claim on their car insurance; Romford and West London were next in line.

Good news if you live in Perth or Shrewsbury though (aside from the fact that you’re miles away from civilisation), as these are allegedly the areas in which you’re least likely to be the victim of car crime. analysed 13.2 million car insurance quotes run on the site over 12 months and found that the most common claim type is theft of vehicle making up over half of all claims (52%), followed by vandalism damage (41%), and theft of contents from a vehicle (7%).

The top 10 car crime hotspots in the UK are:

  1. Ilford
  2. Romford
  3. West London
  4. Bromley
  5. East London
  6. North London
  7. South West London
  8. Huddersfield
  9. Leeds
  10. Dudley

While the areas you’re least likely to have to make a claim are: 

  1. Perth
  2. Shrewsbury
  3. Carlisle
  4. Harrogate
  5. Exeter
  6. Norwich
  7. Plymouth
  8. Hereford
  9. Truro
  10. Portsmouth