How to pass your theory test

If you want to pass your theory test, as with any exam there's no substitute for preparing thoroughly.

Around a third of candidates fail their theory test and the most common cause is a lack of preparation, so get revising now if your test is due. Make it easy for yourself by purchasing some theory test aids; a few pounds spent now could save you a load of time, hassle and cost in the future. 

It's not just a lack of preparation that catches out some candidates though; some fail because they don't know what's expected of them. That may be because of a language barrier, but this is a hurdle that can be overcome; check out the panel at the bottom of this page.

Similarly, if you have problems reading and/or writing, there's help available. You could be given extra time to answer the questions, or if you prefer you can listen to the questions rather than read them.

If you have hearing problems, the last thing you'll be wanting is more stuff being spoken instead of written down. That's why the DSA can help with a video of the test in British Sign Language. This will display on the computer screen, so you can get through your test more comfortably.

Remember that if you need any special arrangements to be made you'll need to make them when you book your test. It's no good just turning up and expecting everything to already be in place, because it won't be.

When your ready, we've got some interesting stuff on the Practical Test as well