Make the most of your driving lessons

Driving lessons can eat up more cash than you think, so don’t waste any time you spend with your instructor. They’re highly skilled and you’re paying them to pass on as many of those skills as quickly as possible – without rushing things of course.

So when your instructor talks to you, take in what they’re saying rather than switching off and hoping you’ll just get things right somehow. To make your life easier, book your lessons for when you’re at your most alert. 

If you’re basically nocturnal, don’t book a lunchtime slot when you’re likely to be comatose

So if you’re basically nocturnal, don’t book a lunchtime slot when you’re likely to be comatose; go for an early morning slot or as late in the day as possible.

Whenever you book your lessons, try to ensure you’ve had a decent night’s sleep beforehand; partying until 4am won’t help your powers of concentration. It’s also worth grabbing some food and drink before your lesson; being distracted by hunger or thirst won’t help the learning process.

Of course you’re only one half of the equation; your instructor also has to be in good form and the two of you have to gel.

A good instructor will be clear about what they want you to do – and why. If you don’t understand anything, don’t be afraid to ask questions; you’re the customer, so if the instructor is difficult, make the position clear. Be assertive – but don’t overdo it! When you book your lessons, go for 90-minute or two-hour sessions if you can – you should get a lot more out of them.

You’ll have to concentrate that much more, but you’re probably better off having a two-hour session once a week than two one-hour lessons – you’ll have a much better opportunity to get into the rhythm.

It’s a fact

It’s not unusual to quickly pick up how a car’s controls work; what takes the time – and hence requires the most lessons – is figuring out how to use the roads. Getting to grips with other road users, junctions, roundabouts, the various types of road and all those signs is what’ll take the time.

So even if you’re a natural with a car’s controls, don’t assume you’ll be ready for your test very quickly – you might take ages to get to grips with everything else.