Key questions to ask your driving instructor

As you can read on the page about how to find the right instructor for you, there are lots of things to take into account when searching for the right tutor, whether they're working for themselves or as part of a school.

There are several key questions you should ask that will help you to establish whether any instructor you're thinking or working with will be the right one for the job. 

So before you sign up for anything, ask all of these questions of any potential instructor: 

  • Is the instructor fully qualified?
  • If I have a trainee will I pay less than for an ADI?
  • If I sign up for a course and we don't get on, can I have my money back?
  • How long is each lesson?
  • Will I get the same instructor and car for each lesson?
  • Can I change instructors if we don't get on?
  • Can I get post-test training or extras like skid control sessions?
  • Where will I be having my lessons? Will I be learning on roads suitable for my level or just running the last person home in my own time?
  • And most importantly: do I know someone I trust who has recently passed the test and would s/he recommend the instructor/school?