Intensive driving courses

Instead of having a lesson or two each week and spreading it over several weeks or months, it's possible to cram the whole learning process into a much shorter period - typically a week.

While these intensive courses allow you to get everything out of the way quickly, experience counts for a lot when learning to drive - and there's only so much of that you can gain in a week. 

On average, those who pass have had 47 hours of lessons and 20 hours of private practice

Research shows that, on average, those who pass their driving test have had 47 hours of lessons and 20 hours of private practice.  To be as safe a driver as possible you really need to practise in a variety of conditions, but if you do take the intensive driving course route, make sure you're properly prepared or you'll end up throwing all your money away.Before you book onto an intensive driving course think about the following: 

  • Check you've got your provisional licence before booking.
  • Also ensure you've passed your theory and hazard perception tests before booking.
  • Don't assume you'll pass your test after a week; you can still fail. The best schools will give you an assessment session before you book, to gauge your ability.
  • Check that the driving school has booked you a test for the end of the course; some just hope there's a cancellation thay can grab.
  • Expect to pay £800-1200 for the whole course, including the test fee.