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FirstCar Theory and Practical Editions

FirstCar Theory and FirstCar Practical are published by FirstCar on behalf of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Together, these titles reach hundreds of thousands of young drivers every year.FirstCar Theory is distributed to young drivers after they have taken their theory test at centres all over the country. The magazine is reprinted quarterly, with a total of some 1.1 million copies printed annually. This 52-page A5 magazine is packed with advice to help young drivers, whether they need to retake their theory exam, or if their next step is the practical test. As well as driving advice and important road safety messages, the magazine helps drivers understand insurance, what makes a good first car and basic car maintenance.

Distributed through test centres to drivers who have just taken their practical test, FirstCar Practical picks up where FirstCar Theory leaves off. It repeats and reinforces key road safety messages while helping youngsters understand the risks and opportunities they will face in the first few months of independent driving. Also reproduced quarterly, this 52-page A5 magazine has a total annual print run of 825,000.

Both titles can be customised to support specific campaigns and deliver carefully tailored messages to young drivers. It could be as simple as including a local authority logo on the cover or as in-depth as creating a bespoke content within the magazine. We can help you deliver carefully tailored messages to support your own campaigns and road safety interventions.

FirstCar Theory

No other FirstCar title reaches as many young drivers as FirstCar Theory. Launched in 2012 in partnership with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, some 1.1 million copies of FirstCar Theory are printed every year.

Its reach is unrivalled, distributed through test centres the length and breadth of the country to young drivers after finding out if they have passed or failed their theory test.

Whether the news is good or bad, FirstCar Theory guides young drivers through their next steps. If drivers have failed, the magazine offers advice on how to prepare better and overcome nerves. If drivers have passed, FirstCar Theory explains how to get ready for the practical test.

As well as helping drivers swap their L-plates for a full driving licence, FirstCar Theory encourages learners to make smart choices about speed, mobile phones, and drink and drugs. It helps them understand insurance, car buying and basic maintenance. FirstCar Theory promotes a safe and responsible attitude to driving, throughout the formal learning process and beyond.

Customisation can tailor the magazine to deliver the key road safety messages of your choice. Our team can work with you to design bespoke editorial to complement both the existing content of the magazine and your own safety campaigns and interventions.

FirstCar Practical

FirstCar Practical’s readership are at a key moment in their driving careers. The magazine is distributed through test centres to drivers after they have taken their practical test. If drivers have failed, FirstCar Practical helps them overcome their disappointment and come back stronger. If drivers have passed, the magazine prepares them for the next stage of their career on the road.

Published quarterly in partnership with the DVSA, some 825,000 copies of FirstCar Practical are printed each year. The 52-page A5 magazine is crammed full of advice, covering everything from telematics insurance to choosing a first car to the importance of keeping a car roadworthy.

Road safety messages are woven throughout, and issues like peer pressure, concentration, fatigue, speeding, mobile phone use, and drink and drugs are addressed directly. By tackling these subjects head-on, the magazine prepares young drivers for the challenges of independent driving.

Customisation can make the magazine even more relevant, reinforcing your safety interventions. Whether it’s something as straightforward as including a local authority logo on the cover, or as complex as designing and writing bespoke editorial to your brief, we can help young drivers hear your message.