Theory test practice

What to do if you fail your theory test?

If you’ve failed your theory test, don’t beat yourself up about it. Bounce back in four simple steps…

I didn’t pass my theory… now what?

If you didn’t pass your theory, don’t worry about it! Think of it as a practice run, and keep on learning!

1: Get some help

If you didn’t pass your theory test this time, come back stronger by using learning aids to improve your knowledge. There are some great apps and revision software like those published by TSO on behalf of the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency.

2: Put theory into practice

Maybe you fell into the trap of thinking you could breeze through the theory test without trying. Well, now you know different. So do all you can to prepare better. Talk to your instructor about applying your knowledge during lessons. Observing real situations and actual hazards is one of the best ways to make your knowledge stick.


3: Don’t hazard a guess

You’ll know by now that the hazard perception test requires a sharp eye and a good understanding of the kind of hazards you might come up against. So as well as fine-tuning your theoretical knowledge, try a hazard perception app or DVD. And remember to look out for hazards during your lessons or while practising with parents.

4: Keep your nerves in check

You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel nervous before an exam, but don’t let anxiety cause you to under-perform. Deep breathing exercises, eating a banana before the test (no really), or listening to positive and uplifting music can all help. Not telling your friends that you are about to take the test can avoid unnecessary peer pressure as well.