mobile phones

Your phone or your licence?

You’re driving when the phone rings. You know you shouldn’t pick up but it’s your best mate calling. You reach down to answer it and… your licence is gone. Get caught using a handheld mobile and you face six points and a £200 fine. For a driver in their first couple of years on the road that’s enough for you to lose your licence.

Is it really worth it?

You’re working hard to pass your test, why throw it away for the sake of a text or phone call?

Three ways to be phone safe

  • Switch it off – You can’t be distracted by a phone if it’s not on. Turning it off before you get behind the wheel is the simplest way to avoid the temptation of phone notifications and messages – provided you remember to switch off.
  • Some smartphones now have ‘do not disturb’ modes for driving. With this feature enabled, if the phone detects that you are driving it holds messages and can also block calls until you finish your journey, depending on the settings chosen.
  • It’s easy to forget to turn your phone off before you get behind the wheel. A signal-blocking pouch in your car (like Solon Security’s Defender Signal Blocker) acts as a visual reminder to be phone-safe on every journey. Pop the phone in the case and no messages or calls will get through. Take it out again when your journey is over and your phone is already on, so no need to press power buttons or enter passcodes before your phone is ready to use again.