How to make the most of your driving lessons

Driving lessons can eat up a lot of cash, so don’t waste time with your instructor. They’re highly skilled and you’re paying them to pass on many of those skills so you can become a safe driver with a full licence.

How can I get the best out of my lessons?

Rest up

Always get a good night’s rest before a lesson. A big night out with your mates before a morning lesson isn’t a good idea – you need to be fully alert and sober. It helps if you book lessons for times of day when you are at your best. So, if you’re a bit of a night owl, book most of your lessons in the evening.

Fuel up

It’s not just a full night’s sleep that will help with your learning. Eat and drink before the lesson starts to keep your energy levels up. That way you won’t flag towards the end, or be distracted by hunger or thirst.

Go long

When you book your lessons, think about 90-minute or 2-hour sessions. You’ll have more chance to get into a rhythm than if the lesson lasts an hour.


Listen up

Your instructor knows their stuff, and you are paying for their time, so listen carefully to what they tell you and concentrate hard. Park whatever else is going on in your life for an hour or two and just think about your driving.

Ask questions

If there’s something you don’t understand, don’t keep it to yourself. There’s nothing wrong with asking your instructor to explain something again. Feel free to pick their brains to fill any gaps in your knowledge.

Be patient

We’re not born knowing how to drive, and different people pick it up at different speeds. So go easy on yourself if things don’t fall into place straightaway. It’s not unusual to quickly understand how a car’s controls work. What often takes more time – and hence requires the most lessons – is figuring out how to use the roads. Getting to grips with other road users, junctions, roundabouts, the various types of road and all those signs isn’t easy, but all that hard work will be worth it in the end..