Theory Test practice

Theory test practice

A great way to get a head start on the learning-to-drive journey is to get yourself some theory test learning materials. The most popular apps can usually be found at the top of the app store ‘Paid Apps’ section. If you build your knowledge before you turn 17, then when you do get your provisional licence you can apply for your theory test quickly.

Practice makes perfect

It’s great you’re being pro-active and getting ready for your theory test, but don’t take the test until you’re ready.

Our advice would be to test your knowledge by working through mock tests, either using an app or books. Make the learning process more fun by involving people you know who already drive! You can show off your knowledge and help remind them of some really important info when it comes to driving.

It’s likely the driving test has changed since your parents learned to drive, so it’s a great idea to get them involved.


Waiting times

Depending on where you are in the country waiting times for the theory test are typically around two weeks. At peak times like summer holidays, you can find this is much longer.

You can also look for cancellations, so there’s no real need to rush the booking. Some learners find it beneficial to take a few practical driving lessons before taking the theory test as it tends to help with the hazard perception element (after all the hazard perception is testing your ability to spot potential hazards when you’re driving, so practising being a driver can only help!).

How long is the Theory Test Certificate valid?

Once the theory test has been passed, you’ve got two years to pass your practical test. If your theory test certificate does expire, then you’ll have to take the theory test and pass it again, this will give you another two years to pass that all-important practical test.

Find a RED Driving Instructor near you

Find a RED Driving Instructor near you

RED’s experienced instructors operate nationwide. So whether you’re learning in Newcastle or Norwich or Plymouth or Preston, they’ll find the perfect instructor to help you on your journey to passing.