kids driving

Driving lessons for under 17s

Learning to drive in a safe environment before your 17th birthday can be a real benefit not only when the time comes to learn to drive, but also from a general road safety perspective. There are many providers now offering tuition to kids with the supervision of qualified driving instructors.

What practice can I get before I’m 17?

Although you can’t legally drive on public roads until you are 17, on private land you can drive at any age. In recent years, there’s been an explosion in under 17 driving opportunities.


By starting young you’ll have a better feel for how a car works when you reach 17, and if you know how to control a car before you get on the road it should help you concentrate on hazard perception and getting to grips with the rules of the road.

The biggest under-17 driving provider is Young Driver, operating at around 60 sites across the UK. Young Driver’s marketing manager, Laura White, says: “We’re teaching those who are not legally able to be on the road yet, but they get a massive boost when they control a car safely and can tackle a manoeuvre that even parents might struggle with.”

There are lots of other providers all over the country. A quick internet search should find one near you.