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Vehicle Smart: An app to support your vehicle throughout your ownership

Keeping track of your vehicle’s important dates is a breeze if you’ve downloaded Vehicle Smart, the most-rated UK vehicle check mobile app. The app alerts you when your MOT, tax, insurance, service or breakdown cover renewal is due, and boasts a host of other outstanding features that reduce the uncertainty of second-hand vehicle buying.

Your pocket garage Vehicle Smart’s developers have justifiably dubbed it ‘Your Garage in Your Pocket’ – you can store multiple vehicles in your virtual garage, so your information is always to hand.

As well as the aforementioned alerts for key dates, you can store and manage useful maintenance info such as oil, coolant, bulb or brake fluid types, paint codes, tyre specs and tyre pressures. For true personalisation, you can add photos and nicknames for the vehicles in your garage.

Buy with confidence Another key Vehicle Smart feature is a wide range of vehicle checks to help you make an informed decision when you buy a second-hand car, van or motorbike.

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For vehicle traders, this is the app’s greatest asset, but it’s also useful for casual buyers or anyone who simply wants to be nosey – discover whether that shiny sports car you’re admiring has a dodgy past!

Vehicle Smart can also check, using official data from the DVLA, police & insurers, whether a vehicle has been stolen, written off or is subject to outstanding finance (HP). You can also uncover details of former keepers, colour changes, plate changes, MOT history (including advisories) and annual mileage. The company offers a £30,000 data guarantee with these additional top-level checks.

Why Vehicle Smart?

When it comes to getting the lowdown on a vehicle, or storing important info about the vehicles you own, Vehicle Smart has got you covered. A free version of the app provides basic features and lets you store up to five vehicles in your garage. Or, for a modest one-off premium upgrade fee of £3.99, you’ll get access to advanced features and additional vehicle storage. There are several UK vehicle-check apps on the market, but Vehicle Smart is the only one that offers such an array of features.

From the time before you purchase a vehicle to several years down the line (many services, MOTs, bulb and oil replacements later), Vehicle Smart is your trusted pocket guide. Vehicle Smart is available from Apple’s App Store, Google’s Play Store and Huawei’s App Gallery – download today!