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Campaign development and management

As well as our off-the-shelf solutions, we have the scope to develop something truly unique. FirstCar can create robust and effective behaviour change campaigns from scratch.

Working closely with road safety stakeholders, FirstCar has developed innovative and targeted campaigns with a lasting impact.

Examples include the #mysmallchange campaign, created with the Safer Essex Roads Partnership. This campaign allows young road users to make personal pledges around 10 specific behaviours through the www.mysmallchange.co.uk website or app. Each pledge is instantly shared on the pledgers’ social media accounts to foster positive peer-to-peer influence on other young drivers. Over the following days, weeks and months, pledgers receive timely and targeted advice on maintaining their commitment.

Another successful campaign is Cycle Smarter (www.cyclesmarter.co.uk), created with Avon and Somerset Police. This online course encourages safe and enjoyable cycling through a series of short video-based tutorials. The whole syllabus can be completed in as little as 20 minutes. After each video there’s an interactive task to perform, and on completion of the course cyclists receive a certificate.

These are just two examples of the work of FirstCar’s campaign work. We’d be happy to talk about how best to achieve your aims through cost-effective, creative and targeted campaigns.

To discuss your project or ask for a quote, contact James Evans on 08451 308853 or email james@firstcar.co.uk




This commission from the South Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership lead us to create an interactive, video-based challenge. The purpose was to improve risk detection as well as hazard detection within young drivers. Users watch a scenario unfold over a series of clips and after each one, they are asked to answer a multiple choice question about the risks and hazards present within each scene. After the first round, users watch a short feedback video tailored to their scores. They are then offered another chance to complete the clips and improve their scores. Evaluation has shown is marked improvement in both risk and hazard perception and an overall high level of enjoyment in completing the challenge.


The #mysmallchange campaign from from Safer Essex Roads Partnership calls on young drivers to pledge to improve a particular aspect of their driving, such as sticking to the speed limits and switching their phones to silent whilst driving.  As an incentive for making a pledge, each participant who meets the competition criteria will be entered into a draw to win a Ford Fiesta Studio.

In the days and weeks following their initial post or tweet on social media, entants will be given additional opportunities to exponentially increase their chances of winning. Those who watch a short video, make a behaviour change agreement and participate in three short online surveys will be 32 times more likely to win than someone who only made the initial pledge. The competition will run for 12 months with the car visiting all major towns across Essex.

The #mysmallchange campaign offers ten different road safety topics on which to pledge, all of which are known to increase a young driver’s risk of being involved in a crash on the roads. These include seatbelts, fatigue, distractions and speed, relating each driving style to one of the animal images made famous by The Honest