YDF 2020

YDF Speakers 2020

YDF 2020

Here are our first set of confirmed speakers for Young Driver Focus 2020 – Technology Matters

Dr. Jessica Hafetz Mirman – Challenges and opportunities intervening with young drivers

This presentation will provide a summary of emerging challenges and opportunities facing young driver researchers and practitioners. These will be contextualized within a discussion of evidence-based practices (EBPs) and ideas about how strengthening scientist-practitioner-citizen partnerships can capitalize on opportunities and overcome challenges, thereby improving young driver safety.

Dr. Jessica Hafetz Mirman has over a decade of experience studying the psychological, sociobehavioural, and developmental determinates of young driver safety and creating and evaluating behavioural interventions. She serves on the US National Academies of Sciences’ Transportation Research Board (TRB) Operator and Educator Committee and the Young Driver Subcommittee.

Shaun Helman – Initial findings from engagement with interventions

This session will present some initial findings from the Driver2020 project. This multi-year pragmatic randomised controlled trial is being run by TRL and partners on behalf of the Department for Transport. It is evaluating the real-world effectiveness of five interventions aimed at making newly-qualified drivers safer. The session will focus on data from interviews with participants in the project who have and have not engaged with the interventions being trialled for learner drivers (logbooks, hazard perception e-learning, and classroom-based education). Themes from these interviews, and wider data on engagement, will be presented.

Shaun is an applied psychologist who has worked in transport for over two decades. He is Chief Scientist for Data, Behaviour and Mobility at TRL. His research covers young and novice driver safety, evaluation, and vulnerable road users, as well as future mobility topics such as automation and shared services.