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Making private practice work

It’s only natural that you should want to save cash when learning to drive, and you could shave hundreds of pounds off the cost of tuition by getting your parents to show you how it’s done. But unless one (or both) of your parents happens to be an approved driving instructor, they’re not going to be the best person to teach you to drive. They can still be a great help if you practice driving with them, so long as you and your parents follow this advice…

How can I make the most of my parents tuition?

The key is to use any time with them as a supplement to – rather than a substitute for – any paid-for instruction you have with a professional driving instructor. Also, don’t take anything a parent tells you as gospel; it’s your driving instructor you need to listen to.

What your parent can offer is an opportunity to get some extra practice behind the wheel – something that you can never have too much of.

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