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NEW Citroën C3

A car with unique styling both inside and out. It has a well laid-out dashboard, rides very well and even the entry level model comes with plenty of safety kit as standard.

Citroën C1

A funky-looking car with many options to personalise its looks. Good to drive with decent visibility and plenty of safety features as standard. Cheap to buy and run too.

Mini One

The Mini Hatch is a stylish car with iconic looks. Inside it has user-friendly controls with reasonable storage space. It has some great engines and lots of equipment and is ultimately a great car to drive.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Corsa represents really good value for money - efficient engines, good to drive, very practical and with one of the largest boots in the first car sector. 

Reanult Clio

A visually-striking car that’s been a firm favourite for many years. Good fuel economy combined with great handling and plenty of space keeps this at the top of many buyers’ lists.

Ford Fiesta

An accomplished all-rounder as it is possibly the best drivers’ car within the first car segment, has impressive fuel economy and is very practical too with lots of space inside.

Peugeot 108

A car built for the city with its cute proportions. Plenty of personalisation options with some excellent technology. It also caters for drivers of all sizes comfortably and the steering is very easy.

Vauxhall Adam

There’s plenty of personalisation options to choose from on the Adam. With small and cute looks and a decent level of spec this could be the car for you.

Audi A1

The A1 is a premium first car with excellent build quality and a first-class interior. With a range of efficient and powerful engines, the A1 is a fashionable supermini.

SEAT Ibiza

The latest Ibiza is one of the most stylish good-looking cars in the first car market. The interior is no different with some good in-car technology and storage space.

Peugeot 208

A first car that comes with lots of equipment and is economical to run. As well as having a stylish interior the 208 has a smaller steering wheel with all the instruments on top of the dashboard.

Fiat 500

The retro-styling makes this a very popular first car. There’s more personalisation options than ever with a pleasing dashboard making the driving seat a lovely place to be.