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Breaking down

Why do you need breakdown cover?

What to do if you breakdown on a motorway


Buying a used car

Used car scams: Clocking

Used car scams: Ringed

Used car scams: Cut & Shut

Used car scams: Car cloning

Petrol or diesel which is best?

How to buy the right used car for you

Paperwork checks

How to buy a used car an introduction

How to test drive a car

Buying a used car at auction

Buying a pre-registered car

How to protect yourself buying a used car

Where to buy a used car

How to seal the deal

5 great classic cars for young drivers

How the used car markets work

How to handle a buyer

Another 5 great classic cars for young drivers

Should you buy a classic car?

How residuals work

How to check bodywork & trim

Basics of buying a classic car

Classic car mechanical checks


Car finance

How to get the best deal

Others ways to fund your car

How payment protection works

How a Personal Contract Plan (PCP) works

How hire purchase works

How car finance works

How Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) are calculated

How personal loans work


Driving tips

Driving on rural roads

How to be a safer driver

How to deal with a skid

How to drive in flood water

How to drive in fog

How to drive in rain

How to drive in snow and ice

How to drive more economically

How to drive on a motorway

How to drive with kids in the car

How to prepare for winter driving

Road rage - dealing with it

Driving abroad

How to save money on your car and travel expenses



CO2 emissions explained

Diesel particulate filters - the complete guide

Drivers waste money buying cheaper fuel

How to cut your motoring costs

Official fuel consumption figures - why they're nonsense

What to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car

Fuel additives - are they worthwhile?



Black box insurance policies could cut car crashes by 40%

Car crime hotspots revealed

Car insurance facts and figures 

Drivers crippled financially by huge car insurance excesses

Fully comprehensive insurance cover often the cheapest

Ghost insurance brokers - your questions answered

How black box insurance cut one driver's premium by 75% after just one year

How car insurance works

How no-claims discounts and insurance excesses work

How telematics-based insurance works

How to cut the cost of your car insurance

How your car insurance premium is calculated

Insurance: riskiest occupations revealed

Is black box insurance a killer?

Marmalade: night-time driving curfews are not the answer

MIB warns against fronting

One in 200 drivers caught driving uninsured

The insurance auto-renew rip-off

Types of car insurance cover

Uninsured driving rife in the UK

Why fronting is illegal

How GAP insurance works

Insuring a modified car

How classic car insurance works

What is Learner Driver insurance?

5 things every young driver must have included in their insurance

How to find cheap insurance as a young driver with a disability


Speeding fine with a twist


Caught speeding twice

Driving with a defective tyre

Driving without due care and attention

Failing to stop after an accident

Failing to provide a specimen

Identity Theft

Illegal window tints

Driving offences and the penalties

Practising driving without supervision

Probationary period points

Speeding summons the 14 day rule

Speeding while overtaking

Using a mobile phone on speaker

Using a mobile phone while driving

Why solicitors can't work miracles

Why you need to find the right motoring lawyer

Drink driving the facts

Distractions and their consequences

Drug driving the effects and penalties

Fatigue and driving a lethal mix

Mobile phones - a killer

Morning after drinkers on the rise

The law on wearing a seatbelt

How EU tyre labelling works

Probationary period - how it works

Probationary period catches out nearly 50,000

Speed awareness courses: not the bargain they seem?

Speeding tickets - how to deal with them

Which countries recognise my driving licence




Learning to drive

Intensive driving courses

Illegal driving instructors - how to spot them

Supervising a learner driver - how to stay legal

Key questions to ask your driving instructor

Make the most of your driving lessons

How to choose the right driving instructor

Automatics; how they can make the learning process easier

Parent tuition: how to make it work



Upgrade your lighting

How important is a service history?

Diesel particulate filters - the complete guide

How vehicle recalls work

Lighting - why it must be maintained

Your car's registration document (V5C)

Brake fluid - why it wears out

Car maintenance basics

Essential basic checks when buying a used car

Professional used car inspections

Choosing the right oil for your car

How to change a wheel

How to check your engine oil

How to clean your car

How to cut the cost of car maintenance

How to pass the MoT

Timing belt failure - how it can destroy your engine

Tyre maintenance basics

Who should service your car?

Why you must maintain your car

Winter car maintenance

UK drivers motor on tired rubber

Winter tyres guide

How to upgrade your car's in-car entertainment (ICE)

How to upgrade your car's wheels

The basics of modifying your car

How to run a classic car

Car maintenance tips for learner drivers

Survey reveals a third of new drivers have never checked their tyres


New cars

Our guide to buying your first new car

The checklist you need to complete when collecting your new car

Negotiate to save money when buying a new car

Buy a new car cheaper than a used one

How to research your new car purchase

Choose the right options for your new car

Most popular car names



Parking law myths

Parking laws explained

Complete guide to parking law

Parking on zig zags

Parking tickets - how to appeal


Post test

Post-test driver training - your options

Books to help you improve your driving




Practical test

Show me, tell me questions - how they work

Prepare for your practical driving test

Practical driving test - the drive

Practical driving test - how it works

Most common reasons for failing the driving test

Minor and major faults on your driving test

Independent driving in the driving test

How to book your practical driving test

Driving test manoeuvres: how to turn in the road

Driving test manoeuvres: how to reverse round a corner

Driving test manoeuvres: how to reverse into a parking bay

Driving test manoeuvres: how to parallel park

Driving test manoeuvres: how to do an emergency stop

Driving test manoeuvres: how to do a hill start

How to overcome your driving test nerves


Road safety

The Honest Truth road safety campaign

The most common causes of car crashes

The UK's most dangerous roads

Why breaking the speed limit is a bad idea

Euro NCAP crash test ratings - how they work

Blue lights in your mirror - how to react

Child car seats: the ultimate guide

Airbags - how they work

Anti-lock brakes - how they work

ESP - what is it and how it works

Visibility - why maintaining it is so important

What to do if you crash

Is it illegal to drive with headphones

RAC celebrates 30 years of the Report on Motoring


Scams & Security

Scams: car jacking

Scams: false escrow services

Scams: forged banker's drafts

Scams: fraudulent car buyers

Scams: the export ruse

Scams: the premium rate text message

Thatcham security categories - how they work

Car security guide


Selling a car

How to prepare your car for its sale

How to set the right price for your used car

How to write the perfect used car advert

When to sell your used car

Where to sell your used car


Theory test

Learn from the experts with official theory test learning aids

How to apply for a provisional licence

An overview of the Theory Test

How to pass your theory test

How the theory test works - multiple choice questions

How the hazard perception test works

Book your driving tests using the official DVSA website


Under 17

Land Rover's Start off-road scheme for under- 17s

The Skoda/Admiral insurance Young Driver scheme

Kidz driving school in Surrey

Drive B4 U Turn 17